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The school is our family pride:
After 50 years in the same family the school is naturally well established and well equipped. The 3rd generation is currently running the school. The School is currently owned & managed by Mrs Liza Vorster – B Prim Ed 1984 RAU. The 4th generation owner, Crystal, is now in her 20’s  and very eager to take up her place one day. She has completed her degree and works at the school on a full time basis.

More than 100 years of teaching experience at the school.
The current teachers all together have more than a hundred years of experience at the school all together. 3 of the teachers have been at the school since 1968 including the principal. The staff is wonderful, happy in their work and work together as a team to keep all the little ones happy and secure.

Swan Prep Since 1968


To the Principle (Crystal) and Teachers of Swan Prep School
I don’t know how to start this letter off, It is definitely with a heavy heart that I write to you. I have no words to describe how grateful we are to you for all that you have done for Seth and especially Luke over the past 4 years.
It is difficult to write this letter but it must be done.
As a parent, I have watched my child blossom and bloom, from a shy, scared little toddler into a very energetic, confident and well-rounded little boy!
I literally cried my heart out at his concert in November, because I could not believe that was my little boy up there.. so strong and confident in front of all those people and I realized that I owe a lot of his growth and development to you and Swan school.
From the very first day he started at Swan, you were there to give him, the care, nurture and comfort that he often needed more than the other kids! You gave him the individual attention and instilled good values in him, giving him the confidence to know that he is special and unique and that’s ok!
I am extremely proud of the progress Luke has made and even more proud that he is a product of Swan school ethics, values, principles and morals.
Next year, Luke will go to Big School. He is going to be doing grade R, but I am now, so confident that he will be able to face this challenge and face the rest of the world too very boldly and confidently!
I owe such a HUGE debt of gratitude to Teacher Landi, who was so patient and nurturing with Luke. Teacher Anne, who showed him the love and care (and gave him the cuddles and kisses) he needed when he missed his mom. Teacher Barbara and teacher Lida and all the assistant teachers at the nursery school who aided in Luke`s development.
Most of all to Teacher Crystal. I have never met a person who is fulfilling her life purpose so beautifully as you are! God placed you at Swan for a great purpose, and you are truly an inspiration to the Parents and Students alike. I pray only Gods greatest blessings upon you all and may you continue in the awesome and amazing work you are doing. I know you may not get the recognition or Thanks often enough.. but you truly deserve to be told that YOU ARE MAKING AN AMAZING DIFFERENCE! And THANK YOU! Seth and Luke may not be attending the school anymore, but the foundation you have laid with be with them forever!

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