Swan Prep School

                             Grades 1-7


Why does the fun have to stop here ?


Children make their mark in doing what they can do, not what they can’t.”  Howard Gardiner 

Swan decided to open its primary school eight years ago (2008) , as there was a huge need for private school education at an affordable price. Our aim is to provide a happy, loving and friendly environment for young learners to grow and develop.

1.No more than 18 children per class.
2.We provide safe aftercare facilities and assisted homework.
3.Our curriculum is a combination of GDE and the British schooling system.
4.We do educational computer stimulation with a wide range of programs that promote reading and math's skills.
5.We practice a technique called Braingym that stimulates cognition skills and aids in  concentration.
6.We learn a range of different languages including English, Afrikaans, French, Zulu, German and Spanish. In celebration of 2010.
7.Drama and music play an important   role.
8.Safety in today's day and age is very important, thus no child is allowed to leave school premises unless accompanied by parents.
9.All teachers highly qualified and registered with SACE- South African Council for Educators.
10. Casual uniforms:
Denim and blue golf shirt.
11. School starts at 8am but three teachers are on duty from 7am for the early birds.
12. 1 child to one computer
13. Also makes use of Australian and UK  curriculum.
14. Secure aftercare until 5:30pm and homework supervision.
15. Sports, gardening, drama and science.
16. New interactive whiteboard (smart board)  in the new media centre.
School is important but life
 is more important!

media center /library  










We concentrate on developing all
8 intelligences  to create well rounded children.
1.Linguistic intelligence
2.Logical/ mathematical intelligence
3.Musical intelligence
4.Spatial intelligence
7.Intrapersonal intelligence
8.Naturalistic intelligence
Remember that every child is talented in some area and it is the combined responsibility of school and parents to recognize that strength and promote it into the development of a healthy- self concept and a productive member of the community.